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Cultural Kinetics is a blog for cultural and faith related topics, discussions, news and opportunities.

It’s aim is to bring together all things ‘intercultual’ including academic material and links to interesting research and other articles.

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Cultural Kinetics is a pet project of mine and is run solely by me, Ciaran O’Brien. The views and opinions stated in all of the blogs are (unless otherwise indicated) completely my own.

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  1. Islam arte musulman is libre my father makes, and i see, infront of House, we have peopel like this , and no problema, and also egipcian pastisserie, good, revolution, wen we go egipt, and mi¡usee egipt see in london, conseil friend france et marit angles, and i see religion like this, and sais diferent extremistes more dangereux, than autres, sais men islam from port, and hes not radical famili friend, goes holland to work.

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